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GEMS FirstPoint School Clinic is serving its students and staff since 2014. The clinic is placed on the ground floor A block. It has two nurses and one full time doctor who has extensive experience working with the children.School clinic  delivering the first aid and primary health care facilities to the children and staff.

The school clinic will closely follow the rules and regulation laid down by the Dubai Health Authority school health section as a part of which there is routine general physical examination done for the children at the time of joining school, Year 1, Year 5, Year 9 and while the child is leaving the school.

October - Wellbeing Month at FPS!

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Health Education Programmes

Throughout the year the doctor and nurses conduct the health education programs on various topics such as heathy eating ,hand hygiene, dental hygiene, head lice, respiratory etiquette ,obesity and more.


The immunisation programmes conducted by DHA based on the recommendations for UAE from World Health Organisation. Hepatitis B and BCG vaccinations are given at birth and it is recommended all children have these immunisations prior to starting school.

Immunisations can be carried out in school, to those that register for the service. Information will be sent home from school clinic so you may register before the scheduled vaccination date.

Specific Medical Requirements and Allergies


The school clinic staff respond to emergency situation in the school immediately, they have experienced many emergencies and are trained in basic live support and pediatric advanced live support certified by the American Heart Association and updated regularly.

Health and Safety 

The school clinic staff participate regularly in health and safety commitee and they hold monthly meetings and review the health and safety issues to ensure better environment for students and staff.
Kindly contact the nurses directly if your child has specific medical requirements. A quick visit to clinic or a phone call will help us identify and care for your children in the best possible way

The clinic is primarily a first aid station but if you have any medical concerns or queries please feel free to contact them for advice.

Contact the school clinic at
[email protected], [email protected]
[email protected]

School Counsellor

At FirstPoint, we take care of our students, staff and families. Our School Counsellor, Susan Mahachi, has been with the school for over 5 years and has been trained as a Counsellor for 11 years. 


Health & Safety
at Our School

Our school team is prepared, trained and ready to welcome our students into our safe and inclusive school environments

GEMS Health & Safety

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